I have written fantasy for many years but I’ve been a lot more productive since I retired from my day job in 2010 and undertook an MA in Creative Writing at Middlesex University, with a specialist strand in SF and Fantasy fiction.

I am now a member of the London Clockhouse Writers’ Group. I have a couple of draft novels for which I am seeking a publisher and I’m working on a new one. But I’ve also written short stories and have recently had several published. I write book reviews for Vector and for the Historical Novel Society.

Here is a selection of my published writing:


Trial of Three, Dennis Dobson, 1979

Short Stories

Torn to Rags (co-written with David McGroarty), Wordland 5, 2015

The Lion Keeper’s Daughter, Outposts of Beyond, October 2014

The Twitching Tail, Worms Anthology, KnightWatch Press, 2014

The Lost Name, BFS Journal, #11, 2014

The Forfeit, Breaking the Rules Anthology, Boo Books, 2014.

Mountain Tea, Legends Anthology in honour of David Gemmell, NewCon Press, 2013


Fron Hyde Park to Aldebaran’s Palace, the fantasy novels of Margaret Irwin, Wormwood #4, Spring 2005

Dragons in 20th Century Fiction, Folklore, Vol 113.1, April 2002.

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