Short Stories

I had two stories published in December, which rounded off a good year for me. Greytooth was in Hammer of the Gods, an anthology of Viking stories, and Strawberries in the Snow in Three Drops from a Cauldron, the Midwinter issue.

My other stories published in 2016 were –

The Winter Queen, in Midnight Circus, Winter 2016

The Night Hound, in Detectives of the Fantastic, volume IV from Horrified Press

Stolen Dreams, in Aurora Wolf, the September issue

The Drinker of Tears, the story of the month circulated to members of the British Fantasy Society in June.

Most of these were critiqued before I submitted them anywhere, either by my online writing group, the BFSA Orbit, or Middle Oak, a small group who meet face to face once a month. I have found it really helpful to have feedback from other writers, who can tell me when I’m making things overcomplicated or not getting a point across in the way I hope.


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